Covid-19 – infection prevention & control update

June 2022            

We would like to take this moment to thank all our patients and our team for everything that you have done in the last two & a half years following the ever-changing SOPs to help prevent the spread of C-19 and keep us all safe.

Latest guidance: is that we are transitioning back towards pre-pandemic SOPs for infection prevention & control hooray!

Face masks:

Team: in general, are not required to wear face-masks in non-clinical areas e.g., not in offices, kitchen, corridors, or social settings unless it is their personal preference or there are specific issues raised by a risk assessment.

Patients/visitors: are not necessarily or routinely required to wear a facemask unless this is a personal preference.

Patients with suspected or confirmed C-19 should wear a face-mask (if tolerated).

Public messaging: Patients no longer asked to wear a face-mask unless it is their personal preference.

Appointment reminders: Patients are requested to contact the practice prior to attending if they have any symptoms of respiratory infection. If they have confirmed C-19 asked not to attend their appointment unless they require urgent treatment.

Patient screening:

Appointment reminders: see above.

FOH team will no longer need to call patients prior to their appointments to complete a C-19 questionnaire.

Front desk to triage patients when they arrive for their appointments. For patients with C-19 or symptoms of respiratory infection, where treatment is not urgent, consider delaying this until resolution of symptoms unless a negative C-19 test has been done. See below for seating/physical distancing.

Surgeries: medical histories taken as at normal pre-Covid frequencies using Patient Portal.

PPE as per pre-C-19 with individual clinical decisions made regarding further PPE.

Physical distancing:

Patients: No longer required unless suspected/confirmed patient attending. If C-19 positive: 1m social distancing required, with time-slots at the end of a day/session-

Advise use of “Single Arm Chair” for patients with respiratory symptoms. However; in any event, we are fortunate that our spacious waiting area allows for social distancing naturally.

Team: kitchen restrictions removed. However, please still remain vigilant and ventilate regularly.


Pre-pandemic cleaning routines.

Enhanced cleaning measures required only after known infectious patients.

Keep all surgeries and administrative rooms well ventilated.

Staff testing:

NHS guidance for the provision of NHS services is to test twice weekly If you have symptoms of a respiratory tract infection/C-19 symptoms please test for C-19. If you have tested positive for C-19 please do not attend work.

Please remain vigilant with hand hygiene measures.

Detailed risk assessment available to view on ICOMPLY

Regular monitoring and reviews will be carried out with appropriate action taken in response to local prevalence of infections & outbreaks and absence &/or vulnerability of staff members.

Wishing you happy, healthy days!