March News

Now that we have some hope on the horizon, with the speedy vaccine roll-out and some outdoor dining from the 12th April. We wanted to reflect on the last year, what we have learnt, the positive changes we have made and how we intend to continue.

Comfy seats

The waiting area has had a revamp, we have invested in more seating, so that when we start operating an open-door policy, you can still socially distance. These chairs vary in shapes and height, so there are a variety for all ages and levels of mobility.

New Faces And Clean Teeth

We are keeping the nursing assistance with the hygienist. Numerous articles have been published about oral health and overall health. So, we have decided to keep the investment in our treasured hygiene department. They need the extra pair of hands to provide a better level of care and provide vital gum health screening, consequently we are taking on some new people.  Please click HERE to meet the team.

The Pop

Keeping the patient in the hygienist room and having the dentist POP in has been super successful. It has helped to have essential conversations between the hygienist and dentist and has lead to improvements in your care. So as long as Damian’s legs still work on the stairs, the POP is here to stay

Clean Air

Air purification units are staying and so are the faithful vac-stations. These clean the air and they have not only improved the air-quality and clean the air for virus particles, they also reduce allergens and we have had very little hay-fever sniffles this year.

No Paper

The Online Medical History, oral health questionnaire and pre appointment health screening, we are keeping this process. It reduces the need for paper and the clini-pad. Please be prepared to update your medical history every 6 months and if you struggle, please call us, we can help you.

New Kid On The Block

Joining us is Dr Alexander Scott. We are very fortunate to have found another great associate dentist to provide a great range of treatments, including composite bonding, Invisalign® and general dentistry. He has also completed a 2-year foundation in Implant dentistry and is now studying for his Diploma at the Royal College of Surgeons.  WELCOME ALEX.

More People Like You

As a valued customer of ours, please remember to mention us to your friends, our books are open to new clients and we would like more people just like you. If you could write a review too that would be great, we have reached 100 reviews and that means Google have finally noticed we are here, so please review us on Google. HERE

Tooth Whitening

SO… Now how can we help you get prepared for the roadmap to end lockdown.

It takes 7 days to get whitening trays made and at least 2 weeks to Whiten- We charge from £300 for tooth whitening- So if you book today, you will be more than smile ready for when lockdown ends.


Straighten your teeth in as little as 6 months with clear braces. Included in the cost is tooth whitening and retainers. Start your enquiry today and be on the way to straight white teeth for our holidays (FINGERS CROSSED). Using our Virtual Consultation software we will be able to tell you if you are suitable for Invisalign® and even arrange an initial consultation via Zoom to provide you with more information. We are also very excited with our new dental monitoring software which we now provide our Invisalign® patients with, you can rest assured we can monitor your tooth movement from the comfort of your own home, or holiday cottage- Click HERE to start your Invisalign® enquiry

Botox and Fillers

It takes 2 weeks for Botox to work and the swelling from fillers to subside. Booking soon, will ensure you can soften the stress lines from lockdown and home schooling.

Click HERE for our prices

Composite Bonding

Instant smile makeover but with some time spent in the dental chair. While you have time, why not get your smile evened out, it may be that you have been grinding your teeth too, and composite bonding can help improve your tooth shape and shade but also by recognising the destructive pattern of tooth grinding, composite bonding, can provide a protective barrier to help preserve tooth tissue.

We are here to help 

We know it has been a tough year for everyone, but for those who have health concerns, we can only imagine how terrifying the last year has been.  With the vaccine, we look forward to seeing you again but please if you have any concerns and wish to arrange a special time to come and see us. Please get in touch.