National Tea Day

Today is National Tea Day ☕️. Here at Crown Street Dental Group we do enjoy a nice cuppa! We would like to smugly tell you, we all take our tea milky without sugar … ???. The truth is we have a colour chart for our tea and over the whole of our team we pretty much cover every single shade of tea there is! and….. a few of us are not sweet enough!!! ??
With the enjoyment that tea brings, comes along the downside of stained teeth. This occurs due to the tannins in both tea and coffee which build up on our tooth enamel. Milk does help to bind the tannins, however, if you enjoy a strong brew a visit with one of our lovely hygienists will reverse the tea stains, and for those of us that have a smidge of milk or none at all we have the air abrasion included in that visit ? Then a spot of tooth whitening to bring the shade back up.
But for today, from us we wish you Happy National Tea Day with a nice smiley photo of Damian and Sharon. ?☕️