Patient Portal Instructions

Instructions on how to complete your forms. 

We are aware that as with most things at this time, the changes that we have had to put in place to allow us to reopen and continue to see our lovely patients may need further instructions.

Once you have made an appointment with us, you will need to complete some forms before your visit. It is important to inform you that without these forms we are not able to see you so please do make sure they have been done to save disappointment on the day.

You will receive an appointment reminder/confirmation from us by email which will contain a link to your “patient portal” This is where the  forms will be. To access this, you will log in using your Surname and Date of Birth (Month, Day, Year) e.g November 20 1980.

(Please note: if you are booking as a family, you will need to use the URL Link that is unique to each family member. For example Mum’s appointment reminder can not be used with Son/Daughters details.)

Once you have logged in you will need to agree to the terms and conditions and save. This will only need to be done on the very first time you log in.

You will then see a list of forms to be completed. Once they have been filled in online using your phone, tablet, laptop or PC, click save and they will automatically save to your records here.

The COVID-19 Health screening will need to be completed before every visit.

If you have any problems accessing your patient portal it could be because we do not have your correct Date of Birth, in which case please email us on [email protected] so we can edit this on your patient records.

Thank you for your cooperation during this time

And as always stay safe, and off the sugar!

Crown Street Dental Group