Retention Club

We are very excited to introduce our Retention Club.

If You are coming to the end of your Invisalign treatment, or currently wearing retainers every night.

Then this means you have invested considerable time, effort, and money to achieve your orthodontic results, and we want to help you to protect this investment. Unfortunately, over time your teeth can move. To ensure that you are as satisfied with your smile in 10 years as you are on the day you complete your treatment, we offer a Retention Club.

By doing regular Dental Monitoring scans we will analyse your smile at pixel level and detect if we need to take action. The scans are completed at home without the need to attend the practice. If orthodontic relapse is detected, this will be nipped in the bud at the first opportunity.

On detecting this, we may recommend a short spell of full-time retainer wear, or we may provide you with a few relapse correction aligners for a small fee. Our Retention Club will ensure you that don’t need to have another full course of orthodontic treatment again.

Our Retention Club members receive a new set of retainers every 2 years and a top-up of whitening gel to keep your smile sparkling. The Dental Monitoring scans will also assess your overall mouth health, and you will receive notifications when you would benefit from a hygiene treatment or if you should seek the opinion of a dentist. If you would like to join our Retention Club please get in touch. See membership details below