We are OPEN

Dear all,

We wanted to reassure you all, that we very much remain open.

As you are aware after the last lockdown, we instituted some changes. These have not changed, and if you would like to be reminded of these and Damian’s wiggly walk, then please click on this link to view our patient journey video.

This journey is necessary for your and our team’s safety. We worked hard during the last lockdown with 140 other dentists as part of a group called Pandora, and after hours researching with global referencing, we are proud to have created this “gold standard” of safety and patient care.

We just wanted to take a moment to remind you of what we are doing and what we will continue to do.

Online Form and Patient portal: – Before your appointment, you will be asked to fill in some forms online.  If you have difficulty with these (and we don’t expect everyone will find this easy), please call us or click this link to take you to further instructions.

Virtual Consultations: We can do new patient video consultations, so that we can answer many of your questions even before you visit us. Please click on our virtual consultation link, or email us to organise this for you.

Check in & remain in your car: –  We will ask you to let us know you have arrived; then please remain in your car or at the door (if that is how you came to us). In this way there will be less people within our practice another attempt at making social distancing work effectively.

Clean air systems: We have invested in high quality, modern clean air technology (www.dentair.co.uk) in every room – this will ensure there is clean and purified air in our practice. The machines will remove 99.99% of respiratory viruses including Coronavirus.

Surface disinfection: After extensive research, we have chosen Salvesan (www.aqualution.co.uk) as our surface disinfectant. It is proven to kill all germs by 99.99% within minutes. It is effective against Coronavirus and it is environmentally safe.

PPE:  We have purchased suitable masks, gowns, visors, goggles, hats, shoe covers, hand washing soaps, etc. The dentist, hygienist and nurse will be well prepared for your dental treatment.

Rubber dam: This is a sheet of rubber that can isolate a tooth or group of teeth – we will use this whenever possible. In this way there will be minimal aerosol generation during dental procedures. This will make treatment safe and comfortable.

Longer appointments: We want to provide high quality dentistry, with long lasting results. This takes more time. Also, we will spend longer cleaning the treatment room between patients for your added confidence and peace of mind. As well as a longer hygiene appointment, our hygienists will also now have their own dedicated nurse.

Screens and Hand Sanitisers:  We will have screens at our reception desks, and we will provide sanitisers and masks to our staff and patients. Please feel free to use these products.

Clutter free environment: Our treatment room environment will be even more clutter free. Our staff and cleaners will therefore be able to keep surfaces clean and disinfected.

Shielding or at risk Patients:  If you are shielding, please let us know.  We may need to arrange a special time for you when there is no-one else at the practice.

Let’s hope this is our last lockdown,

Stay Well, stay balanced and (of course) STAY off the sugar.

The Team at Crown Street Dental